How many Cirque du Soleil shows are there in the world?

How many Cirque du Soleil shows are there in the world?

Cirque du Soleil expanded rapidly through the 1990s and 2000s, going from one show to 19 shows in over 271 cities on every continent except Antarctica.

What happened to Cirque du Soleil in Los Angeles?

Cirque du Soleil’s participation in the Los Angeles festival turned out to be a huge success, both critically and financially, and the show would go on to tour North America and England for over three years before ending its run in Paris in December 1990.

What is ‚Twas the night before‘ Cirque du Soleil?

Cirque du Soleil reimagines a Christmas Classic in ‘Twas The Night Before, a family show perfect for the Holiday season! Learn more What if you could alter reality at will? Delve into Kurios, a world where seeing is disbelieving. Learn more Clown around with Kooza, the showmanship and slapstick of a traditional circus.

What is xcirque du Soleil X?

Cirque du Soleil X: 绮幻之境 (The Land of Fantasy) is an epic and thrilling quest to reunite two ancient kingdoms, Petra and Aria, torn apart centuries ago. The hero and heroine challenge dangers and fight seemingly invincible forces, in the name of good for all.

What is the name of the second Cirque du Soleil lounge?

Cirque du Soleil’s second lounge was the Gold Lounge, which is located in the Aria Resort and Casino in Las Vegas and is 3,756 square feet (349 m 2 ). The design is reminiscent of Elvis‘ mansion, Graceland, and black and gold are utilized extensively throughout the décor.

When did Cirque du Soleil first tour Japan?

Cirque du Soleil also toured Japan in the summer of 1992 at the behest of the Fuji Television Network. Combining acts from their previous shows Nouvelle Expérience and Le Cirque Réinventé, they created their first arena show Fascination which toured Japan from May to August of that year.

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